We are a cottage based artisan bakery located in South East Kent, we only started baking bread in 2009 and since then have amended and improved our baking skills to a level where our regular customers have said that it is some of the best bread that they have tasted.

Due to the size of our premises our output is not as high as we would like, however bearing in mind we operate from a kitchen / preparation area 3 metres x 3 metres. We think we do quite well.

We have managed to keep going throught he pandemic lockdowns, without any help from the government, and have offered the local community a door to door delivery service to make sure that those trying to self isolate can still have a regular bread delivery.

We are now beginning to supply local food oulets with bread and bread rolls and would welcome enquiries from anyone in the hotel / restaurant industry who would be interested in a local bread supplier.

We are always looking to expand and would welcome online orders (and verbal) from the local community, please call us and let us save you from supermarket imitations !

Please contact us on - sales@thesandgatebakery.com

and we will reply with a list of our current production list which you can check by cliocking the link below or telephone on 01303 246569

Please click the photo for a list of bread we bake and prices.
The Real Bread Campaign